Announcing Digital Checklists!

Tablet displaying a digital inspection home screen.

What are digital checklists?

We've had computerized repair management systems for decades, but we still found ourselves using inefficient paper based systems when checking cars over. Digital Checklists are the "glue" that ties our computers, software, and procedures together into a homogeneous (mostly paperless) system. It does many things, but let's focus on the simple question at check-in, "Is a text OK?".

What if I say yes?

Texting has become the preferred contact method for most people now, but digital checklists takes it to the next level. Bolt-On text screen A link sent by text to you brings you to the "Vehicle Inspection Report" pictured below. Bolt-On inspection screen as seen on tablet The report is a detailed view of what we have found with your vehicle, good and bad. By clicking the "View Inspection" button you can scroll the entire list of items checked, or by clicking on the colored checkboxes filter the list by condition. Bolt-On inspection report as seen on tablet We even try to include helpful pictures of your car when possible. Picture of brake caliper as seen on Bolt-On inspection report. Look over the inspection report. Feel free to forward/share the inspection report link with anyone you want. When you are ready, we can discuss how you want to procede with repairs by phone or text at your convenience. The report is saved on the server for your future reference.

What if I say no?

We know texting isn't for everybody. Not a problem though, we are happy to discuss your car in person or by phone as always. You just miss out on the great visual analysys of your vehicle.

Is there anything else?

Yes, our new software performs many taskes, but details on those later!!