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Over Four Generations of Auto Care

Schrader’s Garage has been the go-to choice for vehicle owners of Rochester, NY, for almost a century. Our family-owned business, founded in 1932 by Charles Schrader Sr., has been dedicated to providing exceptional service that keeps our customers satisfied and loyal.

We believe in transparency, so we keep our prices reasonable and our mechanics are always available to answer any questions you may have about your automobile. We only use the best parts and equipment to ensure you receive top-notch service and products.

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Meet Our Team

The team at Schrader’s Garage is dedicated to getting your vehicle back on the road! If you have any questions about the funky noise in your car, our services, or our availability, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Dan Schrader Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Dan Schrader

General Manager

Dan began his automotive career with Schraders’ Garage in January 2007. After 10 years working on vehicles he began splitting his time between the office and shop, eventually evolving into the roll of General Manager. His interests include baseball, wood working, and gardening(with a focus on different cultivars of tomatos).
Alan Schrader Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Alan Schrader

Head Technician, Owner

 Alan started at Schraders’ Garage in September of 1977. We call him the Car Whisperer. Aside from his automotive acumen, he is a self taught web designer. This has led him to his other career, handling registrations and administration for Irish dance feiseanna. He makes it his goal to learn one new thing every day.


Bob Schrader Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Bob Schrader

Foreman, Owner

Bob’s career started in the garage in September 1976. He spent more than 3 decades on the shop floor, specializing in suspension and alignment work until transitioning to a role as shop foreman. He serves as the music directed at St Pius X, and can often be heard softly singing hymnals to himself.
Dick Schrader Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Dick Schrader, Owner

Service Manager

The oldest of the three brothers, Dick has been known by countless customers as the face and voice of Schraders’ Garage. He began working here in May 1974. Now working 3 days a week, Dick has more time to spend collecting Halloween decorations. He’s especially partial to skulls and dragons.
Bob Bonter Service Advisor in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Brandon P.

Service Advisor

Brandon began as a hobbiest in the field, doing bolt-on mods, stereos and wheels with friends at age 15. He started professionally as a technician for Tire Kingdom in 2004. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, he became an advisor when he moved to Rochester. His hobbies include gardening, fishing, cooking and tattoos.
Bob Bonter Service Advisor in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Daniel M.

Service Advisor

The newest member of our team, Daniel spent 5 years working at Valvoline, becoming an assistant manager before moving on for better opportunities. He views himself as silly and extemporaneous, but don’t let that fool you. When he jumps in he does so with both feet, taking each day as an opportunity to improve and grow.
Robert Barreto Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Robert B.


Robert learned the automotive trade at BOCES before beginning his career at Goodyear Tire. He spent more than 2 decades there, working his way up until he was given control of his own location. Looking for a better work/life balance he came to Schraders’ where he has been a valued member of the staff, specializing in suspension and alignment services. He enjoys the outdoors, fishing and spending time with his family.
Ryan Bellwood Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Ryan B.


Ryan is the longest tenured non-Schrader at the garage, starting all the way back in 2010. He came to us from Dunn Tire and is also a graduate of the automotive program at MCC. He has recently began expanding his skill set to include more of a focus on advanced diagnostics. He is a fervid Steelers fan and cheers them on with his two boxers, Maddie and Cash.
Javier Colom Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Javier C.


Javier has been with Schraders’ since 2022, but his automotive experience goes back much further, all the way back to the vocational program at Edison Tech. He has worked for a number of different shops and garages over the years, even spending several years running his own. He is an active member of his church community, a dedicated father to his son Sergio, and makes time to play Dominos with his parents. You can also find him fishing in his spare time, or trying out various local(or out of town) restaurants. 
Randy Jaehn Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Randy J.


Now in his second stint with Schraders’, Randy first began working on cars professionally at age 15. Over the years his work has taken him to many different shops and given him a wide range of skills. Living for a decade in South Carolina gave him a great deal of exposure to A/C work, while his time in the Northeast has given him the opportunity to work with every different kind of rust. When not working, he enjoys playing the drums. He likes his music metal and his coffee strong.
Phil Sperandio Mechanic in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

Phil S.


Phil started in the automotive program at WEMOCO nearly 40 years ago. After graduating he worked at John Holtz BMW. From there he moved to San Diego and worked as a GM tech before returning to the Rochester area about 10 years ago to be closer to family. He started at Schraders’ in 2021. He is actively engaged with the Spencerport Fire Department, serving in the past on their board of directors and as the Vice President of the Fireman’s Association. In his life he has only owned 3 trucks, a testament to his ability to keep a vehicle running.
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Auto Repair in Rochester, NY | Schrader’s Garage

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